Fall 2023 Workshops

Life as Reaharsal for the Poem Overland to Levertov

Poetics As Cosmology Overland to Levertov

The Cantos of Ezra Pound with Andrew Schelling

The CPL workshop season has ended. It will resume in mid-October with at least two workshops: Sundays at 4pm PDT (by invitation only) and Thursdays at 4pm PDT.

An example of the materials that cross my screen is this essay:

David Abram The Air Aware

The content of this essay is consistent with what I’ve learned about bioregionalism and, I think, is the shift humans need to make to be healthy and happy and save the biosphere from climate breakage. This stance will inform future workshop materials more deeply than it has in the past.

In addition, there will be three 5 week workshops, one each season, with the summer workshop being the Poetry Postcard Fest. With such deep appreciation for the poets who have been in the workshops the last three years and for your interest in this work. Some brilliant workshops are set for the October Cascadia Poetry Festival. See: https://cascadiapoeticslab.org/workshops-2023-cascadia-poetry-festival/


Paul E Nelson Casa del Colibrí

Paul E Nelson Casa del Colibrí