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July 17, 2013
by Ryukan
423. to Joanne Clarkson, Olympia, WA  – Other Side

423. to Joanne Clarkson, Olympia, WA – Other Side

The man coordinating the list for the 2013 Poetry Postcard Fest, Brendan McBreen, informs us that 179 poets have signed up so far and the cut off date is less than two weeks away. (His update below.) I am thinking I’ll get an early start on my list and see if I can write at least 40 cards this year.

From Brendan:

Just a reminder, this is an incomplete list. I am sending it out early because delivery times take longer for our outside-the-U.S. participants. So for those of you toward the bottom of the list, there will be more names following you by the time the final list goes out. Another reminder, the 30th of July is the deadline! If you have friends who want to participate, be sure they sign up before the 30th! Once the final list goes out I will not be adding any more names. And one more reminder, the idea is to write a postcard poem every day in August to the 31 names following your name on the list.
(See also this primer on the modern history of prevision, or getting it right the first time.)
(& finally, again, David Sherwin’s “Aha!” postcard moment.)
I’ll never forget a poet’s report on getting a poetry postcard directly from the letter carrier after they read it. They said: “Hey, this one’s pretty good!
See you at the mailbox and don’t forget to put CORRECT POSTAGE on cards going out of the U.S.

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  1. Peggy Miller

    I know August is 2 and a half months away, but I am anxious to know that the postcard project will continue in 2014 and I will be able to participate again. It is fabulous!
    Peggy Miller

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