Mark Johnson Poetry Postcard Fest Interview

April 28, 2020
by Ryukan

Poetry Postcard Fest co-founder Paul Nelson interviews Mark Johnson on his experience with the august POetry POstcard festival.

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  1. Sigrid ( Siggi ) Saradunn

    Awesome interview. I took away a lot of ideas … Mark’s discussing the
    epistolary poem, // a verse letter // letter poem being a poem in the form of an epistle or letter.
    ( thank you google )
    was the part that I forgot that was suggested sometime when I started PoPo.
    I would often forget to put the salutation on the postcard … or not leave room for it when I started.
    The first year, I realize now …thanks to Mark and Paul’s conversation, is that I was worried about
    using an informal first name.
    Foolish me, I got myself tied up in calling people by their first names. Of course, that was meant back
    when I was young, the proper way to address an older person or a title they had earned.

    My takeaway besides the epistolary style … I have to admit that I am probably a lot older than most of
    the people that are on the list. I AM that older person that I thought I was writing to.
    My only negative-ish comment to Mark is about the “not being hand written means not spontaneous”…
    for me, anyway, what I type is more spontaneous than hand written …
    and the fact that hand writing for many people may be illegible or painful.

    Thanks for a delightful interview. 🙂 <3

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