Mary Beth Frezon POPO 2020 Afterword

Melanie Weldon-Soiset POPO2020 Afterword

October 25, 2020
by Ryukan

A sweet take on her own POPO2020 participation comes to us from the blog of Melanie Weldon-Soiset:

Melanie Weldon SoisetMelanie Weldon SoisetOne excerpt: Sending postcards served as a practice of remembrance. The Poetry Postcard Fest gave me a reason to engage postcards that had languished in a box, forgotten, for years. I had bought several postcards when I lived in China, of various styles and images, unsure at the time what I’d do with them. Now, in some cases almost 10 years later, I had a reason to put those missives into action. The first ones I sent this summer, with images from West Lake in Hangzhou, as well as graphics of Chinese New Year lanterns and summer dragon boats, brought back a menagerie of memories.

Thanks Melanie for being part of the Poetry Postcard Fest community! Registration for 2021 is now open at Poetry Postcard


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