12.10.2020 Cat Ruiz Kigerl Poetry Postcard Fest Interview

January 20, 2021
by Splabman

LONGTIME Poetry Postcard Fest POet Cat Ruiz Kigerl discusses her participation in the annual Poetry Postcard Fest: Poetry Postcard Fest.

Cat Ruiz Kigerl was born in Seattle. She is the author of three poetry books: Beach Notes, TwoNewfs Publishing, 2020, At the Town Café, Goldfish Press, 2016 and Stirring up the Water, Salt Publishing Ltd, 2008. She is completing a fourth poetry manuscript, Glimpses, due out in 2021. She has published poetry in many journals including The Jung Institute of Los Angeles’ Psychological Perspectives.

Also a fiction writer, she is a contributing author to New Halem Tales, TwoNewfs Publishing, 2012, and is completing a fiction novel set in Italy and the UK, for which she is also writing a screenplay.

Cat’s writing oeuvre is influenced by her long-term practice as a Buddhist, as well as her interest and study of religious-mysticism. It is also inspired by her love of the Humanities through the Arts which she taught at College of the Siskiyous, in Northern California, for several years.

A spiritual pilgrimage that would have taken Cat to other parts of the world was halted by the COVID pandemic in 2020. She hopes to continue it in 2021. Meanwhile it is the pilgrimage of daily life. She currently lives near a beach in Kingston, Washington State, USA.



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