Susan Kay Anderson book on Virginia Brautigan Aste

February 3, 2021
by Splabman

Postcard poet Susan Kay Anderson has a new book on Virginia Brautigan Aste:

In this startling and fascinating book, Susan Kay Anderson takes the reader on a journey from California to Oaxaca to Hawaii, through the life and words of Virginia Brautigan Aste – married to Richard Brautigan for a decade–in a series of interviews that reveal Ms. Aste’s courage, creativity and sheer survival instinct. With original Linoleum cut prints by the author and photographs that bring Ms. Aste to life, this book ‘takes you to places you’ve never been before’.  As Ms. Aste says, ‘Everyone wants to feel they had something to add to human consciousness.’ In Please Plant This Book Coast to Coast, Susan Kay Anderson does just that.

–Erica Bodwell, author of Crown of Wild

For everyone who has ever wandered under Richard Brautigan’s sidelong shadow, this book offers wise glimpses of a vanished world – fascinating inner secrets, warm life-moments, wildflowers that matter, a pleasant journey among jeeps and limousines “along a bunch of beautiful roads.”

–Roger Echo-Hawk, author of Floating Worlds


  1. Debbie Haas

    Good for you!!! I have no clue how anybody writes a book. I’m so impressed……I feel like there’s a book in my head but I can’t get it out. Not writer’s block, it’s more like constipation of courage. The. Courage to write true stories and it’s pretty risque, raunchy, angry…..I’m waiting for redemption

  2. Linda Amundson

    I need to order your book. I look forward to reading it.

  3. Susan Kay Anderson

    Dear Linda,
    Thanks for ordering my book and for Paul posting the book cover/announcement of it being published! I really appreciate your support and interest in my work.

    It was great to meet you and be in the class together. Hope we can meet again in the next workshop and/or through postcards!

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