Online Poetry Postcard Fest Exhibit

March 20, 2021
by Splabman

Thanks mainly to the work of two postcard people, Kristen Ryberg and James Gaynor, we’ll have a launch for the Online Poetry Postcard Fest Exhibit on Sunday, March 28, 2021, from 4-5pm PDT. Here’s what went out via Zoom/Google calendar: Join Zoom Meeting

It is the official launch of the Online Poetry Postcard Fest exhibit created by Kristen Ryberg and James Gaynor. It is to showcase some of the work of this annual festival which is registering people for Year 15 at:

This project has so many facets which get revealed to the participant (& the organizers!) in its own sweet way. The quality of the images is stunning and we invite you to celebrate the Poetry Postcard Fest with us and invite friends who may be interested in this growing community.

Should you want to follow the path of spontaneous composition, workshops started after last year’s fest have continued and the latest starts in April: A few slots are left for the Sunday night workshop series, April 4-25:



  1. Colette Dutton

    I am looking forward to the exhibit and love Abhaya’s card! Thank you Kristen, James, Paul and Abhaya for your creativity and work on this event. ~Colette

  2. kristen ryberg

    It is a love letter to poetry postcard participants. xo

  3. Ingrid Bruck

    The postcards are such fun – both to write them. And then the pleasant surprise when I receive them and read them.

    hanks for the new look of this Postcard Poetry Page. It’s cheerful, inviting and welcoming, all three at once, in sync with the festival itself. I’m looking forward to the Fest Exhibit and thank you for the time you have put into it.

    All the Best, Ingrid

  4. Ina Roy-Faderman

    looking forward to seeing this collection! thanks , kristen, john, and paul for doing all this work!

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