Linda Crosfield, 15 Year PPF Veteran

July 15, 2021
by Ryukan

Linda Crosfield and I met in George Bowering’s 2005 week-long class at the (now defunct) Victoria School of Writing Summer School where we learned, among other things, the importance of putting chickens in poems. One of the few postcarders who has done it every year for 15, she relates on a recent blog post how she is creating all of her postcards:

I have a stack of postcards that have been following me around for several weeks now. Since May, actually, when I agreed (with myself) to draw something on blank cards. Oxygen Art Centre in Nelson was doing a prompt a day event called “Big Draw” so I sort of followed that.
I am no artist. I remember Mr. Brown’s Art Class in Junior High, how I’d watch enviously as one or other of my classmates would produce something gorgeous. A tree that looked like a tree. A mountain scene. A familiar street with houses that looked right (I must have been daydreaming when he discussed perspective.) Something abstract with fabulous colours. Watercolours that didn’t run into each other. READ MORE

We are now registering Poetry Postcard Fest participants via Prolific Writers.Life until July 18.


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