Nina Murray’s Postcard Sourcing Tips

August 10, 2021
by Ryukan

Nina Murray has a wonderful post about the fest and about where SHE gets postcards:

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to list my all-time favorite sources of postcards (the listings are not sponsored in any way :).

  • My/your local Goodwill. Never fails. There are bundles. Sometimes there are kits to make your own cards. There are stickers. I used to live half-a-mile from a Goodwill store, so this particular non-profit comes to mind first. However, other charity shops are also good. A very good one for cards in Alexandria, VA is LookAgain!
  • The Public Domain Review, to whose newsletter you should subscribe regardless of your relationship with postcards. The PDR publishes thoughtful, well-edited essays about and images of works in public domain. Bolshevik Russia public health board games, anyone?
  • Speaking of public domain, the Library of Congress (which is a source of many marvelous things) has put online selections of free-to-use images from its collections. Many are postcard-worthy – you just need to print them.
  • The New York Review of Books shop also features great sets of postcards, such as this one.
  • And for a great aesthetic with important messages, check out the Syracuse Cultural Workers Collective. The organization also runs calls for submissions and (gasp!) pays artists (and writers) for the work selected for its products.

READ MORE to see how she weaves in cocaine and waffles.

And the Intro to Spontaneous Composition workshops happening in Fall are filling up. Move your poetry practice to the next level:

Courses are offered via Zoom Saturdays in October at 9:30am PDT.
Registration is via PayPal:

& Thursdays at 5pm PDT via Prolific Writers.Life


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  1. Walter Lowe

    I got started back in 2009 with the “blowout special” at Pomegranate – a random assortment of 100 cards for $15 (15 cents each). I see that deal is currently out of stock, but it has a link to be notified when available again. I have gone back a couple times to “restock.”

    Also, I have found some very good selections of postcard “books” at places like Half Price Books – sometimes a set of 30 cards on a theme for as low as $2.49!

    It helps when others know about the postcard interests : Now my family members know what to get for presents at birthdays, Father’s Day, holidays, etc. for the guy who doesn’t need anything – instead of or in addition to neckties – postcard collections.

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