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Zoom Postcard Open House, Sunday, June 4

May 27, 2023
by Ryukan

Sunday, June 4, 2023 marks one month left before the start of the 2023 Poetry Postcard Fest. Earlybird registration closes and we’ll answer questions about the fest for newcomers, discuss fest developments such as the Poetry Postcard Fest Project Board and unveil the latest Day Song exercise.

What: Poetry Postcard Fest Open House
Where: Zoom:
When: Sunday, June 4, 2023 3pm PDT, 4pm MDT, 5pm CDT, 6pm EDT
Price: FREE

We’ll gather to discuss the fest, its origins, the project board and the September 8, 2023 Day Song opportunity. The Day Song is a daylong writing ritual based after similar efforts by Bernadette Mayer and Pierre Joris. The notion is that after 56 days of writing poetry postcards, which have a spatial restriction, on September 8 participants plan a whole day to write as a vision quest. A handout will be offered. There is no cost for this event, though contributions to the Cascadia Poetics Lab, the fest’s sponsoring organization, are always welcome. We hope to see you in the Zoom Room. I hope to record the session for those who cannot attend.


  1. Kathleen goldblatt

    Thank you. But I will not be available on June 4 at that time, is there a general description or direction you send out to folks who can’t be there. This is my first year. I’ll need some direction!

  2. Splabman

    I hope to record the event but feel free to email me with any questions.


    Yea! That time again!

  4. Shawna

    I am on vacation out of state, but hopefully will be able to view the recording. Sounds like some new going’s on happening!

    Cheers, Shawna

  5. StanleydelGozo/Prematar

    NamastePaul et al…I’m in for the Sunday 4pm mdt convening…looking forward to listening, sharing & learning together…Alo-HA StanleydelGozo

  6. Sigrid Saradunn

    Exciting ! See you then ! That must be 6 PM EDT … 😉

  7. Nancilynn Harrison Saylor

    Could you confirm that I registered in advance last summer?

  8. Susan Landgraf

    I plan to be there, Paul.

  9. Splabman

    Bless you Susan. It will be good to see you.

  10. Splabman

    You are!

  11. Splabman


  12. Leslie Umans

    Looking forward to the recording since I won’t be able to make the “live” session!

  13. Jo-Anne Rowley

    Do you have to pre-register for the Open House on Zoom?

  14. Splabman

    No, Free and open.

  15. Daniel Smith

    I think I have already registered for this year but I’m not sure. Anyway, to check, Paul ?

  16. Linny Wilson

    Hi Paul and all (note the rhyme),
    It’s been a couple years since I’ve been able to take part, but way back then, the Fest started on August 1 for the month of August. Has it changed? I see above it says June 4 is one month till go-time?

  17. Splabman

    Linny, you can wait until August 1 or you can start July 4. We are concerned about FINISHING by August 31 as we all like a happy ending, eh?

  18. Splabman

    You betcha.

  19. Kathleen Maugeri

    Thx sounds so lovely! I am new but can’t attend the zoom. Would love to see th recoding.

  20. Peggy Dougan

    Please include me if a recording is available for today’s ZOOM. I was unable to make the live session.

    Thank you
    Peg Dougan

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