Sally's Upcycling Boxes 2

Crackers, Carbs, & Postcards…

July 2, 2023
by Splabman

From Sally Hedges-Blanquez:

Sally's Upcycling Boxes 1I just opened some empty boxes, flattened them, & chopped away with my old school paper cutter. Instead of 3 boxes bound for the recycle bin,I’ve got 6 postcards and some small scraps that are perfect to use for making my grocery list or even writing a line or two for a poem.


  1. Lawrence

    Wonderful! I appreciate both the environmental sensitivity for recycling printed boxes and the attraction to the color and imagery of modern consumer marketing. I have admired consumer product packaging by type; candy (bags and bars), cereal, technology, and especially airline safety instruction cards that I always open and follow the speal, not to feel I could save myself in the event of a water landing but rather to admire the simple but effective illustrations. Marvelous communication from cuneiform script to Wheatees, shear poetry.

  2. Chris

    I love this idea and I am stealing it. I was going to fight downtown holiday traffic and swim through a sea of tourists this weekend to purchase thirty-one St. Augustin, Florida postcards. Now, all I have to do is empty out my recycle bin at the house and cut up some cardboard. Brilliant.

  3. Shawna Swetech

    Last year I used old album covers in the same way. You can find them used for very cheap, and the photos and graphics are great. I like the box-into-postcard idea also!!!

  4. Sally

    Love the idea of using old album covers. Thx for mentioning.

  5. Rich Maschner

    Perfect! In the past I enjoyed making post cards out of my own photos, but it got so darned expensive!

    Now I use the boxes from the typically over-packaged items we get at the store.

  6. Lindsey Martin-Bowen

    Hello. I signed up to give a one-time donation of $15 and am trying to register for this year’s Poetry Fest. Although I’ve participated in it at least three years, I haven’t do so for awhile. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve done so since I moved to Oregon five years ago next month (Yes! August–the Postcard Fest month.) In fact, the last year I participated, one of my postcard poems appeared in your anthology.)

    But today, I’m unsure I’ve been registered. Please contact me so I can become enrolled. (Although I registered and donated the $15, I am unsure how to pay you.) Thanks.

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