Alice Glover speaking during interview with Paul E Nelson

Alice Glover Interview

December 23, 2023
by Ryukan
Alice died today, December 23, 2023 so we are re-posting this interview as Alice heads to postcard heaven. Goodbye dear poet.

The 2022 fest is winding down and registration for 2023 begins on September 1. A new postcard poet saw my stash here at Casa del Colibrí and said: “I’m going to get intro Group 1 next year!” Yes, the hardcores sign up right away. And what could be more hardcore than writing 40+ postcard poems when you are 96? Meet Alice Glover, mother of postcard legend Ingrid Bruck, with whom we had a chance to chat on August 12, 2022 about her love of postcards and her life. Thank you Alice! You are an inspiration.


  1. Linda/Lulu

    Imagine my delightful surprise to see Alice Glover and hear her in person. I’ve really enjoying being her pen pal. I loved the fan poem she sent me this year and yes, we are corresponding with each other, from Coleraine, MN to NY. Thank you Paul for the insightful interview. I learned some new things that I can write to her about.

  2. Paul Nelson

    You go LuLu!


  3. Abhaya Thomas

    I love this Paul! Your inspired Postcard Fest has touched so many lives and formed so many links. This world is a better place because of it.

  4. Clayton

    What a lovely and inspiring woman. Thank you for sharing that Paul. The whales!

  5. stanleydelgozo sabre

    Yes, thank you Alice & Paul for sharing this awake aware & alive 17 plus minutes of intimacy and love…I am loving connecting with Alice through our sharing of postcards…Namaste StanleydelGozo

  6. Jeffifer

    Rest In Peace. Thanks for letting us know, Paul. What an inspiration!

  7. Sally Hedges-Blanquez

    I’m so glad you took the time to interview Alice. Amazing what we can learn about people if we use our time to be open and listen.

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