50 Days til Postcards

May 13, 2015
by Splabman

I am starting to get emails about the August Poetry Postcard Fest. Questions like:

All 2014 Postcards

All 2014 Postcards received by Your Humble Postcard Narrator

1) Is the fest on this year? (Yes).
2) Can you sign me up now? (No).
3) What are the main changes this year? (This year we’re charging for the first time. It’s a $10 dollar fee (+ small service charge) to allow us to answer correspondence quickly, focus attention on making the fest the best experience for everyone and weed out the people who sign up and then drop out. I want to be a resource for you especially if you are trying to make the shift from relentless editing to learning how to develop trust for your instincts. Also, the fest groups will be again broken into 32 participants per group and once there are 32 in a group, they’ll be free to start, so no waiting for the last people to sign up to get your addresses.) We can handle up to 1,000 participants & perhaps more.

https://paulenelson.com/august-poetry-postcard-fest/ for the details and thanks for considering being a part of the 9th year of the August Poetry Postcard Fest.


  1. ina

    Thank you, and oh, my! I can’t wait!

  2. Roger

    Thanks for this – looking forward to participating for the 1st time; already started buying interesting postcards!

  3. Roger

    Thanks for this – looking forward to taking part for the 1st time……, already on the lookout for interesting postcards!

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