Sept 13, 2020 Open Mic Video

September 16, 2020
by Splabman

The video is produced and online. The first Poetry Postcard Fest open mic happened via Zoom on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 4pm PDT with your humble narrator as host. There were poetry reading debuts, a couple of ramblers, some typical Zoom connection issues, lots of great work and Poetry Postcard Fest warmth. Enjoy:


  1. Kris

    So cool to see and hear all of you! Thank you for sharing! It was wonderful!

  2. Margaret Lee

    Couldn’t join the open mic because of a conflict, but I loved the video and the deep dives into so many reservoirs of creativity – such a treat! I am fascinated by so many stories of people participating in multiple groups and writing POPOs for longer than a month. How does that work? Are people registering more than once? Right now it feels like the only thing better than POPO in August is MORE months of POPO! Thanks to all, and especially to you, Paul, for bringing and keeping us together.

  3. POPO Pops

    Margaret, thanks for your kind words. Yes, some people signed up for more than one group.

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