Lawrence Pevec Encaustic Postcard Process (video)

December 1, 2020
by Ryukan

First time Poetry Postcard Fest participant Lawrence Pevec made a video about his encaustic postcard process. Lawrence is a friend and member of my spiritual community, Subud. He is also a Board Member of the cultural wing of Subud, SICA-USA, an entity which I now Chair and which sponsored Poetry Postcard Fest in 2020.



  1. Danita Smead

    What a great presentation! I have tried encaustic and never felt that it ‘turned out right’. Maybe I should try harder and just enjoy the process. Your poetry also speaks to me.

  2. Jane Swanson

    That was a joy to watch.

  3. Julie Naslund

    Oh! this was pure pleasure. Thank you, Lawrence, for creating. And Paul, for sharing. <3

  4. Cleveland Wall

    Really neat to see this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sally HedgesBlanquez

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve melted crayons on a foil wrapped hot plate. Your work reminded me of the process.

  6. Abhaya Thomas

    Thanks for sharing This! I loved it. Maybe wax is my next frontier.

  7. Sigrid Saradunn

    Amazing and mind boggling ! Thank you ! I have done batik on rice paper and acrylics or watercolors but this is so much intimidating

  8. mary van ouwerkerk

    This was such an exciting video of your process..all your experimenting. Thank you so very much forgiving us this gift of watching you create.

  9. Caren Stuart

    So beautiful a nd inspiring!

  10. Karen Harvey

    Dear Lawrence,
    Thank you for the demonstration and your poetry. Creating and sharing with strangers is indeed an act of love in troubled times.


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