7.4.2022 Zoom Launch of 2022 Poetry Postcard Fest

2022 Poetry Postcard Fest Launch

July 5, 2022
by Splabman
(This post has been updated with video of the launch for those who could not attend. See below.)

I’ve been getting some questions as the draft lists go out, so figured it would be good to do a launch with Q&A for the 2022 Poetry Postcard Fest. I do not want to compete with holiday picnics &/or fireworks, but know that most folks will be working Tuesday, so will be available via Zoom, Monday, July 4, 2022 at 10am PDT. I’ll talk about the stats for this year (which will not be final until after the 4th, which is the last day for registration) and answer any questions about postage or best postcard fest practices.

What: Poetry Postcard Fest Official Launch
When: Monday, July 4, 2022 at 10am PDT
How: Via Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2064225002
Who: Paul E Nelson, Poetry Postcard Fest Co-Founder, Founder of the Cascadia Poetics Lab.

I’ll also discuss the Fall Workshop series Poetics as Cosmology, the epic post-fest prompt I created for my workshop participants and which you can try in September after the fest, and just meet folks who may be new to the fest, or may be old friends.

I see the Poetry Postcard Fest as a first huge step toward a practice of spontaneous composition. Even if one must edit their work after composing, the fest strengthens trust in one’s first thought. This is a practice that hones intuition. From spontaneous composition, which is tremendously difficult to master, the fest over years unfolds in many ways. It encourages multi-media in the form of making one’s own cards, better penmanship (which receiving poets REALLY appreciate), love of stamp-collecting and the joy of being part of a community of poets without even leaving your house or being online. The Fall workshops build on the postcard fest and develop deeper understanding of theory and practice of spontaneous composition. Testimonials here.

Please consider taking an hour out of your holiday to talk about the 16th annual Poetry Postcard Fest. Thanks for being part of this community.


  1. Sandra J Gajewski

    Why do I want to do this, friends ask me. Well this is my second year and because I so loved writing spontaneous poems as well as receiving gems from other poets, that us why I am participating in this Poetry Fest again! I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

  2. Mindy Rice

    Thanks for a good ZOOM meeting. Very much looking forward to this activity. I like the spirit of connectiveness that came through.

  3. Brenda

    When I participated before, we sent postcards during the month of August. Is that still the time frame, or do we start now?

  4. Paul Nelson

    You may start when it feels best. Many participants, myself included, prefer more time. We only ask that you send 31 cards before August 31. I am grateful for your participation.

  5. j.g. lewis

    I am a poet from Canada. I signed up for this group a while back, but I’ve not done anything.
    How do I get involved?
    How do I find a group,
    I’m ready to go, but don’t know the next step…

  6. Ashley Knowlton

    I sent my first postcard poems out yesterday, BUT I forgot to put my name on them. Charlene Neely and Annis Cassells, if you get a Redwoods National Park postcard, it’s from me. 🙂

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