Leggy Bruck Card to Paul

Allegra Brucker Interview

September 28, 2022
by Splabman
On September 15, 2022 we caught up with Allegra Brucker and talked to her about her participation in the Poetry Postcard Fest. She learned about the fest via Diane di Prima and still has the instructions she received in 2007. She also shared a number of cards with us via email. Enjoy! Registration for the 2023 Poetry Postcard Fest is now open!



  1. stanleydelgozo sabre

    Alo-HA Paul & Allegra (The Bridge builder) Thank you both so much for this Inner-View of Leggy and a glimpse and (my) introduction to the phrase “Neuro Divergent”. I also was piqued by the brief and uplifting bio of “growing up on a commune” with very creative and supportive parents…what a gift & a blessing…and this knowledge and wisdom is obviously being passed on to your beautiful children…thank you for your service Namaste StanleydelGozo

  2. Joyce Jenkins

    If it’s a new verb then I will gladly say that I have been “postcarded”!

  3. Abhaya

    What a lovely, creative soul. Thanks for interviewing and sharing.

  4. Allegra

    Glad you enjoyed it Stanley, if you have other thoughts/questions about being neurodivergent I’m always happy to share

  5. Sigrid "Siggi" Saradunn

    Thank you so much for being open and informative talking with Paul about Neuro Divergence. A new term to me ..
    describing the indescribable IMHO symptoms that are pushed under the so called rug.

    As a RN who worked primarily with the elderly .. in age .. gerontology is really people, again IMHO, who have had a lot of practice masking, being shun, not fitting in .. many times tired of keeping up the “act”. I can relate to that myself, as a professional who in 1975 started therapy for depression, and people were aghast that I would speak about it. Now almost 50 years later, it seems nothing has change in the general population.

    It was interesting to hear you talk about the fest being for others that receive them.. and it is so true. I have asked people when they last received something other than a bill or ad in their mail box .. long ago … before COVID.

    Thank you Allegra and Paul… lots to think about and write about. Peace and love always

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