Ina Roy-Faderman's postcards from 2023 Poetry Postcard Fest

2023 Post-Fest Party and Open Mic

September 12, 2023
by Veronica Martinez

October 1: Save the Date!

2023 Post-Fest Party and Open Mic

From Dr. Ina Roy-Faderman, PPF Board Chair:
Based on social media posts and my experience, this year’s Poetry Postcard Fest is a gift that’s still giving. The photo is of what I’ve received so far, and each day or two of September, I’ve added a new one.

While the last postcards are wending their ways to their recipients, let’s get together to celebrate the joy of sending our words out to the world and to look forward to next year’s fest!

Let’s Zoom together on Sunday, October 1st at 3pm Pacific, talk all things Fest, and hear some of our fellow artists read some of their 2023 Fest poems. Bring your fave drink to toast your Fest participation, an afternoon snack, and your thoughts about this year’s Fest.

RSVP’s encouraged! Click here.
Want to share the joy of the fest with a friend who hasn’t joined yet? If you’d like to bring someone to join the party, please sign your friend up: Bring a Friend!

The open mic will give all of us a chance to hear and share poems that fest participants wrote this year. We’re hoping that each poet who signs up will have a couple of minutes at the “mic” so we can hear a lot of wonderful work. To share your poems, either let us know in the comments below or sign up here: Open Mic Sign Up.

Here’s the zoom link for the party. The password will be provided on Sept. 30th, so watch this blogging space!

Not sure you can make it to this meeting? No worries! We’re planning more events, like real-life get togethers, in person or Zoom open-mics, a virtual gallery, and more! If there’s something you’d love to be a part of, just drop a note in the comments below!

xo–Ina, Poetry Postcard Fest Board Chair




  1. Ed Ruzicka

    Very excited about this zoom read. Dying to see what others wrote. Just another layer of coolness to this event.

  2. Penelope Moffet

    I’m looking forward to this. I signed up for it this morning, and just now returned to add a guest. The form seems to want me to register all over again. Can we only add guests at the time we first register ourselves? It looked like there was nowhere to add the guest’s email address, only his/her/their name. Sorry to add to your administrative burden, but this stumped me. The name of the guest I wanted to add is Tamara Madison. She’s very interested in participating in the festival next year.

  3. Daniel Smith

    Great news!! Sign up !!

  4. Shawna

    Yay!!!! Looking forward to it. :))

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