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Ina’s Fest Preparation

July 1, 2024
by Ryukan
The Poetry Postcard Fest is beginning soon! Finalized lists of the people we’re trading postcard poems with will be distributed starting this week. And each of us are preparing in our own way: those of us with a fine arts yen have been drawing, painting, collaging, or printing postcards; people who collect old postcards when thrifting, antiquing, or drifting through Etsy have been collecting up all their finds and putting them in boxes or card indexes, ready for use, and those of us who admire visual artists have been shuffling through postcard collections of “art by Dali” or “the drawings of Yuki Higuchi” (guilty as charged) to find the perfect cards to send. In my case, my kid’s Mother’s Day gift to me was a set of cards with an image of a tree he designed and drew.

I love knowing that so many people all over the planet, literally, are doing some version of this alongside me, that we’re all totally in this together. And that at some point, I’m going to be gifted with something that mattered to the postcarder – both the card they made or chose and their words. That’s kind of amazing, like we’re all leaves on this huge tree that connects us all. Like the postcard – that’s synchronicity right there.

Wanna join us in what feels like an around the world miracle? You still can! Just head on over to and register to start sharing spontaneous, no-editing-needed words with other people in the Fest. (If the registration fee is a stretch, just let us know – a couple of former and current fest participants have offered help).

Hope to “see” you this summer!


  1. megs thompson

    Eek I can’t wait! I actually purchased postcards this year, because my focus/attention is on writing my poems as well as finishing the first draft of my novel. Happy Writing!

  2. Amy R (TX)

    So excited and thrilled to be a part of this adventure – my first time. I’m planning to paint an original watercolor image on each postcard so I’m prepping as we speak. Can’t wait to start writing! Look forward to reading all of the wonderful poems from YOU!

  3. Richard R Osler

    It’s July 1st! Must mean postcards are going to fly poems all over the world starting soon! yay!

  4. Kristi Johnson

    I would love to participate, but I’m not in a position to pay the fee. Could I inquire about the information about getting the cost covered? I saw that was an option on Facebook.

  5. Ryukan

    We have you covered Kristi.

  6. joanne rowley

    Love the collaged tree card your son made. Hope I get one!

  7. Cleone

    In Bellingham WA, getting ready to move here in the Fall. At home, in ME, carefully set aside and sitting on the floor among boxes and randome stuff, are 2 woodwn boxes filled with gathered postcards. Some home made t- others aquired. I found gads of them as I weeded out the attic . No way would I lose them among the chaos of an ADD move. Hooray for the poetry fest and all the work done to make it possible.

  8. Ina

    So great to hear how excited everyone is! I know I am!

  9. Stanley Sabre

    Thanks Ina et for this July excitement upliftment prepare-ment for 2024…I just bought some relly cool water color pens & some blank postcards which some of you may receive this year!!! My postal Peeps have been asking me when I will be sending out my cards…and reminding me that postal rates are going up soooon…Namaste StanleydelGozo

  10. Virginia Lore

    I *think* I registered? But can’t find any evidence of it in my email. Could someone get back to me and let me know if I’m listed?

  11. Clayton Clark

    I’m so excited to be a part of this for a third time. Happy writing everyone and thanks, Ina, for all you inspire and do!

  12. Peggy Dougan

    I’m so thrilled to be a part of this festival for the third year! After a complete whirlwind romance this year, a European river cruise, a move and planning a wedding for October at 73, I could not miss this very nourishing event. Juggling and excited for it all!

  13. Denny Stern

    I’m always opting for doing some kind of hand made and or altered postcard. It’s a very nonstandard process & I cannot seem to follow a system even if I try. A few years ago I made a bunch that were designed to be mobiles & hung, not that anyone necessarily did. Some have been from deconstructed packaging materials, tomato cartons, etc. Many are simply acrylic paintings but those require thick card stock & can be problematic to post.
    Once One of those was delivered to in an envelope in pieces that said it had been accidentally damaged. How many may not have made it I don’t have a way to know but I always put plenty of postage on. Lately I tend to use an envelope figuring that’ll give me a better delivery success rate.

    Last year I sent 2 cards to everyone cause I was attached to handmade varietals but also wanted the ease & simplicity of commercial postcards & so I did one of each.

    I’m not too sure about the quality. I just come up with what comes up. Knock on wood it’ll be fun to see & read

  14. megs thompson

    @Cleone – I’m Bellingham, WA born & raised – moved to Shelby, MT almost 2 years ago. I have many years of postcard poetry written from inspiration around the Bellingham area. Be sure to visit the lookout at Oyster Dome – at sunrise, sunset & really anytime in between 🙂

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