440. to Rhonda Ganz, Victoria, BC-The True Story of the Poets Chair

August 28, 2013
by Splabman


  1. Rhonda

    I loved getting this poem Paul, thank you. I wrote a poem a couple years ago with a mile-wide reference to True Stories and no one picked up on it. This card was perfect for me in that synchronisitic way this project works.

  2. Splabman


    I read it again as it came up in the cue and felt that the poem was ok, but at least the card was stellar. I LOVE that card and was saving it for something special. Thanks for the kind comment and for being a postcarder. Linda C is considering doing a postcard chapbook. You might want to check in with her. I hope we can make this a book based on excellence and not include the cheesy poems for the sake of “inclusion.” Paul P.S. Did you know Yvonne B is committed to coordinating Cascadia III in Victoria, May 2015? She cd use someone like you on the local Advisory Board. Consider.

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