2016 Postcards I Got (Video)

September 7, 2016
by Splabman

20160907_171936There’s not much more I can say about the 2016 August Poetry Postcard Fest that I did not say in the first of two videos that I created today (Sept 7, 2016):

And to pick out highlights is so difficult, but you may be seeing some of the best of the 53 cards I’ve so far received appear in the first August Poetry Postcard Anthology: 56 Days of August. Thanks Ina Roy-Faderman, Judy Kleinberg and David Seaver for your work on that book.

But I will reiterate that I am humbled by this project, with huge gratitude to the participants in each of the fest’s ten years. I am grateful to Lana Ayers for helping me create the fest, to Brendan McBreen for handling signups for a couple of years and to Danika Dinsmore, whose 3:15 Experiment this fest was, in part, inspired by. That we can actually write poems on cards and send them to people seems so old school and yet somehow also so fresh and satisfying. What a project. And the creativity of the participants gets better and better, helping my own effort to create a gesture that is as deep and generous as possible. A thousand thanks and blessings.




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