The Cards I Got 2022

October 20, 2022
by Splabman
It does not feel like fall in Seattle where it has rained .5 inches in the last 120 days. Needless to say the air quality is horrid and I am still thinking it is summer.  I guess I am not too late to post a video of the poetry postcards I received in 2022. A LOT! (I hope I have them all displayed!) Thank you for your inspired participation in the Poetry Postcard Fest. Registration for 2023 is open and we’d love it if you could sign up and get 40 of your closest poet friends to do the same.


  1. Lisa Fox (JadeLi)

    What a wonderful array of styles and colors.

  2. Lawrence

    Nice haul!

  3. martha ellen

    I love the variety …… little messages from the floating world

  4. stanleydelgozo sabre

    Hey Paul, Nice Haul…and nice presentation…welcome PoPo 2023

  5. Maya

    Beautiful array Paul!!
    So refreshing!

  6. Shelley Peters


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