Joanna Thomas

Joanna Thomas dear-so-and-so Postcard Exhibit

March 27, 2023
by Splabman

Longtime postcarder Joanna Thomas is having an exhibition of 40 or so of her “dear-so-and-so” postcards just in time for her 75th birthday! Happy Birthday Joey! Check it out:

Joanna Thomas exhibition dear-so-and-so

Earlybird registration for the 2023 Poetry Postcard Fest goes til June 4 and the price goes up! Beat the rush:

PPF 2023 Event Registration


  1. Buffy Sedlachek

    This. Is. Freaking awesome! Happy Birthday, Joanna!

  2. Sigrid "Siggi" Saradunn

    Smiles and giggles .. love the Dear So and So .. wonderful idea.

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