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September 1, 2023
by Roberta Hoffman

The 2023 Poetry Postcard Fest is over & ends with the second largest participation in 17 years. See stats here.

From The Fun Matters!

“I keep signing up for the Poetry Postcard Fest every year, primarily because it’s the most fun I ever have when writing poetry. Besides, I always make marvelous new friends! But the Fest is more than just fun. Paul Nelson and I wrote a brief article for the Journal of Black Mountain College Studies in which we explored documented reasons why the Fest can visibly and significantly deepen creativity.”

–Margaret Lee


Yes, it seems early but registration is open now and the veteran postcarders know to get in early for the best fest experience. Do consider writing an afterword for your 2023 experience. We’d love it if you dropped a paragraph or two on your experience in the comments along with some postcard images, either from your original cards or from the favorites you have received. If you have an afterword on your blog post, please send the link to veronica@cascadiapoeticslab.org and put PPF Blog Post as the subject, thank you.


  1. Alan Kahn

    Something isn’t working – I fill out the questionnaire, hit submit, and it doesn’t let me continue. Is 2024 a mirage? Is it true that there be dragons lurking in the margins of 2023?

  2. Shelly T

    The festival is on my top three favorite things about summer. The spontaneity of creating postcards and writing directly on the back is addicting in the healthiest way.

    Unfortunately, this space is not allowing me to drag and drop images of postcards sent or received.

  3. Sandra J Gajewski

    POPO is one of the best gifts I give myself each year!

  4. Jennifer Nightingale

    It’s like a mid-Summer advent calendar. Everyday holds surprises. Each day – I am hopeful that there is a postcard from somewhere with an inspiring verse from the creative minds of kindred spirits. So many creative and quirky efforts! The most astonishing for me was get a postcard from Tuscaloosa Alabama to my tiny town of Astoria Oregon. It was a vintage postcard of the Astoria Column at the top of my own hill! It was typed and the words were powerful.

    I had no idea how joyful it would be to exchange these little poems.

  5. Splabman

    We have heard loud and clear their are bugs in registration. We are working on it. Having it happen on a holiday weekend is less than ideal, but there is plenty of time before July 4, 2024. Thanks for your patience and for being postcard poets.

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