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This Damned Time Change (By Ina)

March 11, 2024
by Veronica Martinez

From PPF Board Member Ina Roy-Faderman:

Oh, I hate this time change, harbinger of longer days. For me, summer is rough. I thrive in the cool and the rain, which we get plenty of in the winters of the West coast. Left to my own devices, I’d spend the summer skulking indoors in cotton PJs, coming out at night to eat toast and annoy my cats who’ve finally got their sleep schedules synced with their humans. I end up feeling like a crew member on one of those 18th century ships that got stuck in the stagnant, bright doldrums, hoping that the fresh water doesn’t run out before the wind picks up. Fortunately, as the days get longer, I have the Poetry Postcard Fest to look forward to. Receiving poems in the mail is as good as it gets, a lovely rainstorm instead of baking pavement. If I can’t feel the cool breezes and rain of the fall, I can at least write about them.
So, I tend to sign up early, right after the Fest ends, to join the next summer. You can sign up, right now, here:
If you have questions, you can start here:

And if you want to see some of the wonderful art and poetry that has been created during past fests, check out @poetrypostcardfest on Instagram.

Xo — Ina

(Featured image: Roo, looking annoyed at having been awoken)


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