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April 18, 2023
Roberta Hoffman

Cascadia Poetics Lab is a vibrant community whose workshops, festivals, and opportunities for connection can open the door for transformative experiences. We believe that poetry is the nexus at which self knowledge, bioregionalism, and expansive creativity converge. Based in Seattle, our programs and events are held in the Pacific Northwest and the Cascadia Bioregion.

When you give, good things happen for poets, creators, students, and our community. Ignite transformation when you GiveBIG early to Cascadia Poetics Lab this year and help us reach our $12000 goal.

Example of annual event, Poetry Postcard Fest, portion of postcard graphic with Poetry Postcard Fest logo

Founded in 2007, The Poetry Postcard fest is an annual 56 day experiment in spontaneity and community-building.

Example of annual event, Cascadia Poetry Festival, graphics from 7th Cascadia Poetry Festival

The Cascadia Poetry Festival started in in 2012: it is an annual gathering of poets and creatives with workshops and talks, hosted in the Pacific Northwest of the Cascadia Bioregion. We are excited to announce Cascadia Poetry Festival #7 October 6-8 2023!

Cascadian Prophets Podcast logo banner

The Cascadian Prophets Podcast broadcasts about poetry, culture, and interviews with creatives, promoting cultural activities toward sustaining the Cascadian Bioregion, place, and presence.

Example workshop, portion of poster from Poetics As Cosmology

Workshops: Cascadia Poetics Lab hosts poetry workshops, available to the general community, to help people learn new techniques of expression and literary creativity.

Example program, portion of poster from Poets of The Cascadia Subduction Zone A Reading

Events: Cascadia Poetics Lab hosts poetry reading events in partnership with other cultural organizations.

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Help us reach our $12000 goal.


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Giving Tuesday 2023

Throughout the year, we organize events designed to foster a community of like-minded people centered around organic, open-form poetry, and an ecological philosophy that emphasizes a connection to our bioregion, its history and the indigenous people that lived here long, long before colonization. We aim to expose our supporters to ideas about art as an art-of-living practice, inspired by the spiritual practice of understanding the bioregion surrounding us: soil, air, water, flora, fauna, and weather. In 2023, we hosted a successful Poetry Postcard Fest and the 7th Cascadia Poetry Festival, along with launching Watershed Press and publishing our anthology Cascadian Zen Vol. I. This is all thanks to donations from people like you!

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs Sociology Interview

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs Sociology Interview

In the interview, Gutiérrez y Muhs discusses her journey from child farmworker to a professor with multiple degrees from multiple institutions, including Stanford University and Occidental College, and explains the values she learned from her working class background that she was able to incorporate later into academia. She also mentions her role as the 2018-2020 Theiline Pigott McCone Endowed Chair in the Humanities at Seattle University and her role as editor for Presumed Incompetent, both positions allowing her to focus on uplifting Chicanx and Latinx voices and highlight experiences of unequal treatment for POC, queer and working class people in academia.