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AWP Off-Site Events

AWP Off-Site readings with Seattle Poets

E. Richard Atleo in Seattle & a 2005 Interview

With the assistance of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, I had the...

Richard Atleo at Seattle U

CPL Board Member Jason Wirth has arranged for Dr. E. Richard Atleo to...

Shuri Kido Interview on Names And Rivers

What a blessing it was December...

Brenda Hillman Interview In A Few Minutes Before Later

Brenda Hillman interviewed on her 2022 book In A Few Minutes Before Later by Paul E Nelson for the Cascadian Prophets podcast

On Irma Pineda (Isthmus Zapotec) by Wendy Call (Translator)

Our latest Cascadian Prophets podcast guest is Wendy Call. She is...

Mary Norbert Körte Interview Part 2

When I visited Mary Norbert Körte in October of 2019, we recorded...

Mary Norbert Körte Interview October 2019

Interview part 1 from Oct 2019 with Mary Norbert Körte at her home in Irmulco, CA.

Cascadian Zen Anthology

The latest Cascadian Prophets podcast is about Cascadian Zen from the...

Art & Poetry Talk: Adelia MacWilliam on Salt Spring Island

Cascadia Poetics Lab board member Adelia MacWilliam is a poet whose...
Interview with Brainwashed Director Nina Menkes

Interview with Brainwashed Director Nina Menkes

Cascadian Prophets interview. Why are only 8% of Hollywood movies produced by women, down from 9% 20 years ago? One Hollywood film-maker says the “male gaze” reinforced by a camera angle formula and a subject-object dynamic creates an industry rife with employment discrimination and sexual abuse and assault. That film-maker is Nina Menkes, the Producer and Director of Brainwashed: Sex Camera Power. The movie is showing now in select theaters and it is both disturbing and compelling, as well as uplifting.

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