In December 2017, we began the process of digitizing some of our audio interview collection that goes back to the 1980s.

Current interviews, and some of the interviews that were syndicated to as many as 18 stations weekly during the heyday of our broadcasting era, are accessed via the American Prophets webpage. The broadcast era was from November 1990 to September 2004. Syndication started in January 1994.

Also, interviews that were part of a short-lived series that aired locally on KBCS-FM are still available here. There is also a post about it here. Numbering systems differed between programs that aired on KMTT (The Mountain) and other stations, like KZOK, which called the program the Sunday Times, a half-hour version of the program, Focus (KMPS and other stations) and Sunday Morning Magazine on KKNW (pre-December 14, 1993) before our non-profit was formed. Numbering systems merged a few years into the project which began in 1990. Some tapes have been discarded. Below are the shows that have been saved and are awaiting preservation, or if digitized, have links to free online audio.

Program Summaries

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