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Cascadian Zen at Village Books April 21, 2024

We hope to see you at Village Books in Bellingham for a reading of...

Tessa Hulls Interview Feeding Ghosts

Paul E Nelson interviews Tessa Hulls on Feeding Ghosts her graphic memoir

In Praise of Andrew Schelling’s Course on The Cantos

Adelia MacWilliam of the Cascadia Poetics Lab writes in praise of the Cantos of Ezra Pound course facilitated by Andrew Schelling

NW Dharma Association on Cascadian Zen

Cascadian Zen has received a wonderful reception from the regional Zen community. The Northwest Dharma Association published a blog post about the book. An excerpt:

The original idea for the book and Watershed Press came from a small, literary arts organization called The Cascadia Poetics Lab. It is based in the Rainier Beach neighborhood in Seattle—we celebrate our 30th anniversary in December 2023—and its mission is “Empowering people to practice poetry & deepen connections to place, self & the present moment.”

Robert Bringhurst The Ridge Interview Part 2

Through his books, I took lessons from Ezra Pound, who was a schoolmaster at heart and had a lot of things to say about what young poets should read and how they should read it. His politics were bonkers, but his ear was a good ear. I learned a lot from him and from others. But it dawned on me one day that my literary schooling had a gaping hole in the center. Except as a colonial construction, the land I was born in – the whole continent and hemisphere I was born in – was missing from this otherwise detailed map of the literary world. It was as if there were no Native American culture, no Native American literature – and I knew this to be false,

Lorna Dee Cervantes Interview (April on Olympia)

Lorna Dee Cervantes Interview on April on Olympia

Interview with Stephen Thomas, Part 1

Before moving to Europe, Auburn, Washington native Stephen Thomas was...

Poetry Postcard Fest 2023: Statistics, People, and Peace

When I flex my muscle of empathy, I am capable of hearing not only your...

Interview with Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs

What a joy to engage Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs for a Cascadian Prophets...

The Art of Cartography

Looking at the blank canvas of a new map: merely a rough outline—what to...
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Cascadia Poetics LAB was known as SPLAB prior to September 2021. Here you will find past SPLAB blog articles going back to 2009.


Interview with Brainwashed Director Nina Menkes

Interview with Brainwashed Director Nina Menkes

Cascadian Prophets interview. Why are only 8% of Hollywood movies produced by women, down from 9% 20 years ago? One Hollywood film-maker says the “male gaze” reinforced by a camera angle formula and a subject-object dynamic creates an industry rife with employment discrimination and sexual abuse and assault. That film-maker is Nina Menkes, the Producer and Director of Brainwashed: Sex Camera Power. The movie is showing now in select theaters and it is both disturbing and compelling, as well as uplifting.

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