Primal Sound (Living Room, Tuesday 11.8.11 @ 7P)

November 4, 2011


Kurt Schwitters

Tilla loola luula loola
Tilla luula loola luula
Tilla loola luula loola
Tilla luula loola luula

—from “Ursonate” by Kurt Schwitters

One thing that seems to distinguish poems from prose is sound. I hope for us to consider the relationship of primal sound to the making of poems. Some questions I might offer up for discussion are: How does sound affect our imagination? At what points do we resort to sound on a phonetic level, or outside of a denotative context? How do we translate sounds that move us into language? For instance how would you translate the sound of bird wings flapping? How would you translate the sound of wind in a canyon? Is resorting to sound a sign of the inability of language to effectively communicate experience?  What is the relationship of repetition to sound in poems or sound poetry? Nadine Maestas is your facilitator.

Writers of all ages and skill levels gather Tuesdays at 7P to read new work, the work of someone else or to just be in the engaging company of other writers. Your donation of $5 helps SPLAB continue our programming. Please bring 8 copies of the work you plan to read. If you do not bring copies, they are available for 10c.

Living Room happens in the new SPLAB in the Cultural Corner of the old Columbia School, between Rainier AV S and 36th AV S, on Edmunds. We’re 2 blocks from the Columbia City Link Light Rail Station. (Parking is available on the school grounds.)

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