Ginsberg's LGBTQ Poetics

May 24, 2013
Nadine A Maestas

Nadine A Maestas

Nadine Maestas leads a panel that will mark the

last event of the 12th Allen Ginsberg Memorial Open Mic Poetry Marathon, Sunday, June 2 starting at 10A at The Project Room, 1315 E Pine, Seattle. The Marathon starts the previous night at 8P at the Spring Street Center and moves to The Project Room for this final event.

As part of TPR’s new big question How Are We Remembered? Nadine Antoinette Maestas, PhD; Andy Meyer, PhD; and Gregory Laynor will discuss the poet Allen Ginsberg’s contributions to LGBT culture and activism. The presentations will include select Ginsberg poems and discussion with the audience. Whether you are attending the Marathon or just curious about it, this will be a great event that shines a light on the legacy of one of America’s most important cultural figures.

The Project Room

The Project Room


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