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Allergic to Cats (audio)

July 26, 2013
Allergic To Cats

Allergic To Cats

Wednesday night I attended a poetry reading of younger women poets on Capitol Hill. Organized by Jocelyn Macdonald, it was called Allergic to Cats A Feminist Poetry Reading. While some poets could have “sung shorter” as they say in Taos, the evening was thoroughly enjoyable and it is delightful to see younger folks organize readings. Below, the audio – as it happened – in four hunks. Each offered at least one quite poignant moment: Laura Wachs, thoughts about her late friend and mentor Jack McCarthy, Anastacia, her serial poem portraits of some of her middle school students as they turn into young women, and a detailed account of an abortion by Clare McGuinness. Here’s how the reading was promoted on Facebook:

Allergic to Cats 2

Allergic to Cats 2


Intro, Jocelyn Macdonald (4:03)

Laura Wachs, Part 1 (16:06)

Laura Wachs, Part 2 (10:54)

Anastacia Tolbert (18:17)

Claire McGuinness (19:35)


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