CPF3 Invite from David Fraser

February 10, 2015
David Fraser, Nanaimo, BC, Head of Local Organizing Committee for CPF3

David Fraser, Nanaimo, BC, Head of Local Organizing Committee for CPF3

An Invitation to the Cascadia Poetry Festival in Nanaimo April 30-May 3

Dear Poets and Friends:

I and many friends have been working to organize and to bring the 2015 Cascadia Poetry Festival to Nanaimo–a truly grass roots festival and cultural investigation of the bioregion we know as Cascadia, stretching from Cape Mendocino, CA to Mt. St. Elias, Alaska.

We have four days of some of the most amazing poets from Cascadia and one Griffin Award-winning poet/political activist who can help us understand more deeply the place in which we live and how to negotiate the challenges inherent in this time of whole-systems transition. Robert Bringhurst, Brenda Hillman, Sam Hamill, Susan Musgrave and Barry McKinnon are among the heavyweight poets who you can hear, converse with and share a drink and discussion about the poetry of here.

Map by David McCloskey

Map by David McCloskey

You can read your own work at Living Room, take a workshop from our esteemed poets and attend the late night (party!) programming led by one of the up & coming curators in Seattle’s poetry scene. Meet your neighbor poets, transcend boundaries and understand the deeper autonomy of nature herself and the unique culture of this place. The festival lineup and schedule is here:  http://cascadiapoetryfestival.org/

You can get free gold passes and many amazing perks by donating: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cascadia-poetry-festival-nanaimo-2015-apr-30-may-3 We are thrilled to report we have reached 23 percent of our goal in the first week! Yahoo!’ Apart from the perks, donations of $40 or more will also include a gold pass if you can make it to the festival!”

Our budget goes to pay poets, help with travel expenses, lodging and food, as well as documentation. All expenses have leveraged very good local deals, often coming in at 25% of cost to help PAY THE POETS. By buying a Gold Pass you not only gain admission to the fest, you help it exist and increase the chances the fest will happen again. The festival has always given students tremendous discounts to attend; your contribution helps that tradition continue.

Please email me back if you wish any more details. There are also links to events and posters on the WordStorm Site and on my personal site


David Fraser http://www.davidpfraser.ca

WordStorm http://www.wordstorm.ca/#!news/cb54

Cascadia Poetry Festival III
in Nanaimo April 30May 13, 2015
You can buy your Gold Passes now!
Be an early bird and help to spread the word.


February 26 The Living Room See poster at www.wordstorm.ca

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