Cascadia Poetry Fest 4

October 31, 2016

Denise Levertov

The 4th Cascadia Poetry Festival will happen Nov 3-6, 2016 in Seattle at the Spring Street Center. This year’s festival is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Denise Levertov who lived in Seattle for the last 8 years of her life and is buried here. A fundraising campaign to install a memorial plaque outside of her only Seattle home is ongoing here.

All access Gold Passes for access to every event on sale now.

Daphne Marlatt (Vancouver, BC), Brenda Hillman (Marin, CA), Sam Hamill (Anacortes, WA), Colleen McElroy (Seattle, Prof Emeritus UW), Marilyn Stablein (Portland, OR), Judith Roche (Seattle), Sarah DeLeeuw (Prince George, BC), JM Miller (Vashon Is, WA), Roger Fernandez (Elwha, WA), Tim McNulty (Sequim, WA), Erin Fristad (Seattle, WA), Jordan Abel (Vancouver, BC), and Peter Munro (Kenmore, WA) are among the confirmed performers.

There will be a ritual walk to Denise Levertov’s  grave on Sunday morning.

Daphne Marlatt

Daphne Marlatt

Daphne Marlatt leads a workshop Poetic habitat now on Friday, Nov 4 at 9am. Reserve your space.

Marilyn Stablein facilitates a Book Arts Workshop: Handmade Artist Books-Learn the Explosion Book & variations. No experience necessary. Also on Friday, Nov 4 at 9am.

Michael Pilarski will lead also lead a wildcrafting workshop on Sunday morning Nov 6.

Register your press for the 12N-5pm, Saturday, November 5, Small Press Fair here. The entire schedule to be announced soon. A plaque to honor Denise Levertov is being planned and funding to support that project and the Levertov panel is most welcome.

Brenda Hillman City

Brenda Hillman City


Sam Hamill


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