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December 16, 2021
Open Books, one of a few all-poetry bookstores in the U.S., is working to move their operations from Wallingford to Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. Over eleven years since Elliot Bay Book Company fled the neighborhood, Open Books is working to start the next chapter of their existence a stone’s throw from the Link light rail station. The Cascadia Poetics Lab has donated to the effort and we encourage you to as well. From Open Books today:

Dear Friends of Open Books,Open Books Pioneer Square

We’ve found a new home!

After more than 25 years in our current location, Open Books will be moving into the Good Arts Building in Pioneer Square, one of Seattle’s most accessible, beautiful, and historical neighborhoods, where we believe our beloved bookstore will not only persevere but thrive.

When we first stepped into the new space we felt immediately how special it was. The historic brick storefront with large, street-facing windows is a charming, warm, and inviting space sure to delight old friends and new passersby alike. The wider layout of the store will allow readers to roam between bookcases with ease, and a separate parlor space will enable intimate gatherings of poets for classes, workshops, craft talks, reading groups, submitting parties, individual studio time, and more. Add to all of this the close proximity of the light rail and a wonderful neighboring coffee shop and, well, we’re still pinching ourselves to see if it’s real.

Before we get there, though, we need your help.

Independent bookstores have struggled during the pandemic, and our store has been no exception. After nearly two years without event sales and with restricted in-store shopping, we are not in a financial position to shoulder the myriad expenses of a move and the outfitting of an entirely new shop. We are calling upon our local community and lovers of literature far and wide to support us in taking this exciting next step.

Click here to help us raise $50,000 to secure a long-term and sustainable future for Open Books!

We’ve done a bit of math, and if 200 people donate $250 each, we’ll reach our goal! And if an amount like $25 is more within your means, it would still mean the world to us. Every gift will go toward building a new home and a new future for Open Books. Our poem emporium has been around for more than 25 years. And we’d love to be around for 25 more.

Your Friends at Open Books

** Important note: Donations to Open Books are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. **


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