The Raven Patrick Mazza

Cascadian Blogging (The Raven) Patrick Mazza Interview

June 8, 2022

We caught up with the Editor of the visionary blog on Cascadian issues, Patrick Mazza of The Raven, in early May 2022. We present our chat below in the latest Cascadian Prophets podcast. In my interview introduction I said: “Patrick Mazza is tracking crises and our responses to them with the zeal of a bioregionalist, the skill of a journalist and the insight of a scholar. He’s the driving force behind The Raven, an online journal which exists “To inform the people-power movements crucial to addressing the crises coming upon us at national and global levels, from increasing national divisions and breakdown of institutions, to the climate crisis.” Patrick writes that he offers his insights and seeks out: “the best voices from emerging movements, and highlight(s) books new and old that help us navigate through the coming years…” I hope you enjoy that chat I had with this visionary and dedicated Cascadian.



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