How to capture the soul of a subject, live your life dedicated to your own art, the process of discovery and even plan your syncretic memorial so that all your ducks are in a row? This seems to me efficient, humble, gentle and visionary all at the same time and could describe the work & life of artist Fumiko Kimura. Co-Founder of Puget Sound Sumi Artists, her life story was written as a collaboration with David Berger, and he’s our guest today to discuss Fumiko’s life, his study with her and her art. The book is Persimmon and Frog: My Life and Art, a Kibei-Nisei’s Story of Self-Discovery. David is an author and artist and former visual arts critic at the Seattle Times. David welcome. (The podcast is below the bonus audio tracks.)

David Berger An Empty Sky Haiku

David Berger Into Waiting Hands Haiku

David Berger on Haiga