Mary Norbert Körte and Paul Nelson

Mary Norbert Körte Interview October 2019

December 6, 2022
I am so grateful Bhakti and I trekked to Willits, California in October 2019 to interview the poet and former nun Mary Norbert Körte. She died November 14, 2022 at her home at a former redwood logging camp Irmulco. We will present two of the interviews we did at that time as part of our Cascadian Prophets podcast series. See also this post.


  1. Denny

    The last photo of the rail line reminds me of how once in the mid seventies as teens my brother & I hitchhiked from Sonoma to Willets and followed those tracks from there to Fort Bragg. It took us three days walking. We knew someone from our Chicago days, the brother of a girl who had babysat for us as kids, who was employed by a couple who ran a concession stand along the rail route & they put us up for a night in one of the cabins along the route. It was a tranquil much wooded & gently hilly route as I recall. We figured if we followed the tracks we wouldn’t be trespassing & we didn’t run into anyone. Probably not possible for kids to do such stuff now.
    Apparently Ruth Weiss lived for many years nearby there in Albion and had recollections of a similar experience regarding letters. She said she had a correspondence for a time with Jack Kerouac and that they had exchanged haiku but she had lost the letters.

  2. Carlton JOHNSON

    a wonderful interview. not many poems have the word “pelagic” in them.

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