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ARTSFUND Community Accelerator Grant

April 6, 2023
Roberta Hoffman

We are proud to announce that we are a recipient of a Community Accelerator Grant funded by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and awarded by ArtsFund!

This gift will accelerate our organization’s efforts efforts as a literary arts and cultural organization in Seattle, King County, and Cascadia.

For more information, visit ArtsFund.

About the Grant

The Community Accelerator Grant, funded by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and administered by ArtsFund, provides unrestricted grants for cultural nonprofit organizations across Washington state. The $10M initiative was created to provide essential capital to Washington’s cultural organizations to boost their ability to invest in their missions and essential roles serving communities across the state. To learn more visit

About ArtsFund

ArtsFund supports the arts through leadership, advocacy, and grantmaking in order to build a healthy, equitable, and creative Washington. Founded in 1969, the Seattle-based nonprofit has been building community through the arts for more than 50 years. ArtsFund was originally founded to bring corporate and civic leaders together to help establish and sustain our region’s arts and cultural institutions. Over its grantmaking history, ArtsFund has supported more than 650 arts organization with more than $100 million in grants and provided valuable leadership and advocacy. Learn more at

About Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

Founded in 1988 by philanthropist Jody Allen and the late Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, the foundation invests in communities across the Pacific Northwest to enhance the human experience of arts & culture, center under-served populations, and mobilize young people to make impact. In addition, the foundation supports a global portfolio of nonprofit partners working across science and technology solutions to protect wildlife, preserve ocean health, and create lasting change. Learn more at


  1. Rob Lewis

    Congratulations, Paul!

  2. Lorin Medley

    Wonderful news for poetry and the poetry community in Cascadia. Congratulations!

  3. Splabman

    Thanks Lorin. This is a real blessing.

  4. Sally Hedges-Blanquez

    How wonderful.

  5. Linda A Roller

    Congratulations Paul, wonderful news & well deserved.

  6. Linda Crosfield

    Such great news!

  7. Matt Friday

    Congratulations, Paul, and with much gratitude for all the work you do in bringing poetry forward here in Cascadia through multiple initiatives, and for encouraging the poetic voice here and around the world!

  8. Ruth Marcus

    Your commitment to and love of poetry has inspired me to write nearly every day… thank you, Paul, for all you contribute to our writing community. ❤️

  9. Splabman

    Bless you Ruth!

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