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Ann Batchelor Hursey & Lou Cabeen with Field Notes Companion artist book.

The Columbia River Confluence Project

June 6, 2023
The latest Cascadian Prophets podcast is an interview with Ann Batchelor Hursey, author of Field Notes: To Maya Lin’s Confluence Project Landscapes, and Lou Cabeen, the artist responsible for the Field Notes Companion artist book. The introduction:

Roll on, Columbia, roll on. Your power is turning our darkness to dawn sang Woodie Guthrie in what is the official folk song of the State of Washington. The Columbia is the largest river by discharge flowing into the Pacific from the Americas with dams that provide millions with power at the expense of Celilo Falls and other natural features which sustained indigenous people for thousands of years. Field Notes To Maya Lin’s Confluence Project Landscapes is a book by Ann Batchelor Hursey focused on the 438 mile long project designed by Maya Lin, the architect and artist who may be best known for her Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Ann’s work is also featured in the Field Notes Companion art book created by Lou Cabeen. Lou discusses the book in a video just below and the podcast is below that. Thank you for listening!


  1. Siggi Saradunn

    I am just starting to listen and want to tell you I am so happy I noticed this on my phone … thank you for the heads up.

  2. Siggi Saradunn

    Thank you for letting me know about the video .. it is very interesting and something for me to follow-up on.

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