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Mapes Creek original native name
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Postcards From Mapes Creek

Join us next to Mapes Creek as Tim Mateer, of Austin, TX, Abhaya Thomas of Portland, OR, and Colette Dutton of Yellville, AR, talk about their approach to the annual Poetry Postcard Fest along with local poets Zach Charles, Sally Hedges-Blanquez, Poetry Postcard Fest co-founder, Paul E. Nelson and others. Folks from Engage, Educate, & Discover at Mapes Creek/dxʷwuqʷəb share the vision that the whole creek will see the light of day.

Mapes Creek Postcard
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Postcards From Here

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Photos of Mapes Creek by Paul E Nelson in honor of dxʷwuqʷəb and the ancestral people of this land.