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Felicia Rice October 8, 2023 at Cascadia Poetry Festival 7

CPF7 Sunday Readings

January 11, 2024
Veronica Martinez

Watch the CPF7 Sunday closing readings!

On October 8, 2023, we closed Cascadia Poetry Festival 7 with a viewing of the Heavy Lifting film, a film adaptation of Felicia Rice and Theresa Whitehill’s book of the same name (pictured below). Following this, Paul Nelson, Holly Hughes, Terran Campbell, Michael Daley, Andrew Schelling, Tim McNulty, Theresa Whitehill and Amy Evans McClure read and spoke in dedication to beloved poets that have passed, including Mary Norbert Körte, Michael McClure, Bob Redmond, Bill Yake and Mike O’Connor. The full video of these readings are below!

Thank you to everyone that attended CPF7 and made it a wonderful weekend full of community, education, poetry and place! The deep love for Cascadia and for poetry was incredibly palpable throughout the festival, and we are deeply grateful to everyone that helped make the festival happen and that attended. Many, many thanks to Greg Bem for recording the entire festival, and for capturing the images in this blog post.

If you loved CPF7, you’ll love CPF8! We are anticipating another amazing weekend of poetry and place November 1-3, 2024. Registration for CPF8 is open NOW! We’ll see you there!

Heavy Lifting by Theresa Whitehill and Felicia Rice presented at CPF7Heavy Lifting by Theresa Whitehill and Felicia Rice, on display at the Cascadia Poetry Festival 7


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