Roxi Power in Seattle 2023

Roxi Power Interview

February 1, 2024

It may have taken 60 years, deaths of her sister and mother and a season of catastrophic forest fires to bring it out, but Roxi Power has a book of poems and it is entitled The Songs That Objects Would Sing. A poet, performer and labor activist, a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Cornell alum, of Roxi Power Cecil Giscombe wrote that these poems “will brush the reader with a difficult and worthy joy.” Indeed. They’re filled with lament, a poetics that are alive and conscious and even a bit of awe for all the transient things in our world including capitalism. What a joy to talk to Roxi Power in the Zoom room about her fine work!.

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  1. Charles Alexander

    What a joy to encounter this interview online! Roxi Power is a power, and a healer (I have evidence!), and years don’t matter, but grace, generosity, and imaginative innovation do. I think we all need a bit (or more) of Roxi Power!

    Good to hear of the connections, to Olson, Waldman, Berrigan, Artaud, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and so much more.

    Watch out, read Roxi and your interstellar spaces may expand.

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