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PPF Open House Video and Q&A!

June 18, 2024
Veronica Martinez

PPF Open House Video and FAQ!

On June 16, 2024, CPL hosted a Zoom open house for the Poetry Postcard Fest, where the PPF committee answered any questions regarding the fest and postcard poems were shared! If you missed it, you can now watch the full Zoom below! Below, you can also read the FAQ that was discussed in the Zoom chat during the meeting.

Resources shared during the Open House: 
PPF Facebook 
Poetry Postcard Inspiration on the CPL website
Zach’s PPF 2023 wrap up 
2024 Daysong
USPS Postcard Info 
56 Days of August 
Mapes Creek Radiance, for more info contact Lou Cabeen at loucabeenart.com  

Zoom Chat FAQ:
Q: When does the festival really start (and end)?
A: People can start when the finalized address goes out — in theory, everyone writes 1 a day for 31, but of course life does happen, so for some people going more slowly works. A few people also send postcards to people not on their list, like people they wrote with in previous years, so they go on into the fall or more.
A2: Technically, July 4-August 31. We try to encourage everyone to send them between that time, but if you need to take a little while longer that’s okay!

Q: Can folks register right up to July?
A: Yes!

Q: My address has changed (radically) since I signed up. Should I wait to hear from the captains before sending in my changes?
A: Please send address changes to Paul as soon as you can!

Q: Do the cards need to be standard 4”x6” size? Or can they be larger? Will a postcard stamp work with a 5 x7, for example?
A: 5×7 requires a standard non-postcard stamp. (Letter stamp.)
A2: They can be any size! Just keep in mind that the postage changes depending on the size. I think you could get by with a 5×7, but I’ve gotten ones even bigger than that!

Q: When can we expect the list? Or rather, when should I be worried that the list hasn’t come!
A: You will receive the list on or around July 4! Email your List Captain if you don’t receive it a few days after July 4 because they might have the incorrect email for you!
A2: We generally wait to send out lists until everyone who can sign up has signed up.

Q: I have a wild and random collection of postcards that I’ll be making use of, so I don’t plan on making any (perhaps a handful)…but I will be sure to attend to place and present in filling them with words!
A: No need to make them at all! It can be lots of fun to write ekphrastically from the art on the card. \

Q: Do most people use an envelope?
A: I do for some of the collages, just to keep ’em safer. By no means necessary, though.


  1. Jennifer Haggerty

    Greetings Paul!
    This is Jennifer Haggerty.
    I would like to join The Postcard Fest. (I don’t think I have participated since the 1st or 2nd year!)
    I don’t have I.G./messenger so I thought it best to email you here.
    Please let me the who & how.
    Guns are loaded.
    Ha Ha!


  2. Weld Champneys

    I am assuming I am properly registered, as I’m receiving these emails, but would you please verify for me? It takes a lot of time & effort to prepare these cards, & I certainly won’t have a use for them if I’m not on the list! Thank you.

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