Bioregional Typography Talk

Jan Zwicky Moul Falls photo by George Sipos
Jan Zwicky Moul Falls photo by George Sipos

Bioregional Typography

Robert Bringhurst and Theresa Whitehill

Clearcutting of languages and cultures has been widespread in Cascadia, just like the clearcutting of forests. Even so, this remains a rich and highly varied landscape, geologically, biologically, and linguistically. Cascadian Zen: Bioregional Writings on Cascadia Here and Now is an anthology of pieces written and spoken in English, but many languages and writing systems are present in the text – mostly as placenames, personal names, references, and quotations. This will be a discussion between two poet/typographers: Theresa Whitehill (who designed the anthology) and Robert Bringhurst. It will start with some of the interesting problems that cropped up in setting volume 1 of the anthology and proceed to the wider context of polylingual typography in Cascadia in general.

The date for this talk is Saturday, October 7, 2023 1 PM; the venue will be announced and registrants will receive that information before the event. Cost will be $75.