Denise Levertov Plaque

denise-levertov-plaque-indiegogo-1This year’s Cascadia Poetry Festival is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Denise Levertov, likely the best poet to ever call Seattle home. People who knew Levertov, who were her friends, who studied her work, and/or who were touted by her, will be part of the fest, the details of which are at  A pass to every festival event (except workshops) is $35 and available here:

A panel to be moderated by Nadine Maestas will feature Sam Hamill, Brenda Hillman, Brenda Hillman, Daphne Marlatt and Tim McNulty. That happens Saturday morning, November 5, 2016, at 10:30.

A ritual walk to Levertov’s grave will be hosted by JM Miller and feature Daphne Marlatt and Brenda Hillman.

A workshop which asks:

What might a biocentric poem look and sound like? What would happen to a writer’s subjectivity in such writing? How might what Denise Levertov calls “the poetry of linguistic impulse” enact the habitat of both poem and earth/world?  Bring a poem (in any form) you might have written in response to these open-ended questions.  We will explore what such questions and their concerns bring up in the process of writing.

happens Friday, Nov 4, 2016, from 9a-12N and is facilitated by Marlatt, who met Levertov in 1963 at the seminal Vancouver Poetry Conference. Details here:

And then there is a plaque honoring Levertov that SPLAB and the Rainier Valley Rotary will be having installed at the house Levertov called home for the eight years she lived in Seattle, in the Seward Park neighborhood. Please consider a contribution to make this happen: