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Reviews of CPF-Anacortes 2019

Some reviews of the 6th Cascadia Poetry Festival are coming in and are being posted on the festival website here: CPF-Anacortes 2019 Reviews The Cascadia Poetry Festival is absolutely unique, offering both attention to local conditions (both social and...

Upcoming Poetry Events

Oh yeah, April is National Poetry Month, I almost forgot. For those who live lives dedicated to poetry, it’s more like the month when people besides poets pay attention to the art of the written and spoken word. That being said, in addition to the events in the...

CPF-Anacortes Workshops

The early bird gets the worm and the first 45 to register for a Cascadia Poetry Festival Gold Pass gets a free workshop the Sunday morning of the fest. Two SPLAB volunteers have teamed up for an original Cascadia experience and other workshops are being facilitated by...