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Cascadian Zen

What is the nature of the bioregion known as Cascadia? How is this insight expressed by the people who live, work, practice, and play here? Is there a connection between Zen practice, broadly construed, and the Cascadia bioregion? If so, what is it? Who have been the...

#APPF13 Wrapup (What I Wrote)

It seems rather overwhelming to summarize my experience as a participant of the 13th August Poetry Postcard Fest which longtime participant Terry Holzman a few years ago nicknamed PoPo and an anthology in 2017 called the “56 Days of August.” Yet here I am,...

Upcoming Poetry Events

Oh yeah, April is National Poetry Month, I almost forgot. For those who live lives dedicated to poetry, it’s more like the month when people besides poets pay attention to the art of the written and spoken word. That being said, in addition to the events in the...

Make It True meets Medusario Anthology

Make It True meets Medusario is a bilingual anthology was spawned by two previous anthologies and combined into one to initiate a dialog between Spanish language poets of the neo-barroco school, as organized by José Kozer and poets from the Cascadia bioregion, as...