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Postcard Impersonality

Reading Mark Gonnerman’s book A Sense of the Whole: Reading Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End I came to Tim Dean’s essay on The Other Voice. In the essay he states that in his 40 year epic poem, since Snyder: …harmonizes a vast...

Reviews of Becoming Cascadian

Some early reviews of Becoming Cascadian are coming in. (See below). I appreciated Andrew Schelling’s notion that you can find bodhisattvas anywhere, his talk about reading Thoreau’s journals, and his feeling that the best tool for bioregionalists is the...

Becoming Cascadian Starts Thursday!

SPLAB’s first bioregional poetics retreat is this weekend. Becoming Cascadian is an intensification of the work done at the Cascadia Poetry Festivals we’ve staged over the years and Andrew Schelling, our keynote poet is set to arrive on Thursday. There are...