2007 PN Lit Fuse Evaluations

LitFuse Evaluations
Michael Schein <wryink@*&^%$.net>
Wednesday, November 7, 2007 7:14:52 PM
To:Paul Nelson <splabman@y&^%$#.com>

Dear Paul,

FYI, checks were mailed today.  Keep an eye out!

Below is a summary of evaluations pertinent to your sessions and to event in general.  Great work!



Organic Poetry I             Paul Nelson (1) 0 (2) 0 (3) 0 (4)3 (5)7 N=10

  • Enjoyed exploring new ways to make poems.
  • Loud and funny, new info, good new approaches.
  • Really enjoyed sharing and community feel.
  • New ideas to use for workshops! Thanks!
  • Powerful in-class writing exercises.
    • Pertains to Org. Poetry I & II: Great enthusiasm, use of texts and recordings…
    • Wonderful; Paul is a passionate, brilliant, effective facilitator.
    • I love all the writing games, I want to play every day.
    • Necessary for basic understanding of American modern poetry.
    • loved the ‘interviewing’ technique and postcard poetry

Organic Poetry II             Paul Nelson (1) 0 (2) 0 (3) 0 (4)3 (5)10 N=13

  • Kept phasing [?] out writing.  Inspired!
  • Extended from the 1st.
  • Really fun and sharing rocked!
  • Great, unaffected teacher
  • rich
  • Handouts?  Bibliography would be great.
  • Quite dynamic—I enjoyed this a lot.
  • I liked the interaction among/between students.
  • What a treat to be in the hands of a master. [5+]
  • Great!